The Swan (8 Hour Package)

The Swan (8 Hour Package)

This is a SPECIAL product we created for our candidates who want several hours of coaching during recruiting season. OR mid-career/ senior professionals with more sophisticated needs  - e.g. executive coaching - or recruiting for senior level positions. 


    We created this option especially for the... parents!  If your college Sophormore or Junior is looking for an internship or a Senior about to graduate and seeking full-time positions, this is the way to go. You believe the effort required needs to be full-on and targeted. You want your child to access and leverage a GREAT team from the top companies in the world. You feel that your child needs consistency and support (reminders, follow-ups, lots of pep talks!) and not just a resume review here and a mock interview there. 

    In addition to parents, this is also the right option for any recent graduate or student - undergrad or grad - who feels they need a strong 3 month run of top-notch coaching and moral suppport from the best career TEAM on the planet. 


$895.00 Regular Price
$716.00Sale Price

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